WBFF Bikini Designs & Matching Heels*


All4me bikinis are not “off the rack” bikinis.  Each one is custom made and handcrafted by me.  I use only the best quality fabrics/crystals etc so you can be sure you are getting the very best and you will definitely sparkle on stage come comp day!  Also, I’m in attendance at all WBFF Australia & New Zealand Shows so will be available to assist you on the day as well.

Prices vary for this style of crystalling – it depends upon crystals used and the level of design required but for a bit of a reference point, most WBFF bikinis cost in the vicinity of $650-$950.  Prices depend upon level of design and crystalling involved.

Also taken into account when pricing your bikini, is the level of crystalling you want on the bum of your bikini pants (as these can also be quite embellished if you wish).

Couture bikinis, (those that have a high degree of design involved) will cost a bit more – usually around $1250.00).

I’m very happy to work to any budget – you can just let me know this at the time of starting your order.

There are so many style options when creating your WBFF bikini that it’s always a great idea to check out styling options via Instagram/Facebook etc.  and then send me your inspo!  Once I have an idea of design aspects you like, then we can get busy creating something that is uniquely your own.


As a service to my bikini clients, I can bling your heels to match your bikini.   We discuss shoe style options together.  Once the shoe style is decided upon, you purchase and then let me have them 3-4 weeks out from comp so that I can bling them for you.