We use only the very best Swarovski & Preciosa crystals – our motto is #SPARKLE THE MOST!  These gorgeous crystals come in a huge range of beautiful colours so there’s no end to the gorgeous colour combinations we can do too!

This page only relates to competition bikinis for Federations like INBA, ICN, IFBB, Ms FITNESS, WFF, NCA etc.  For information regarding FMG/WBFF bikinis, it’s best to email/call to discuss.

We’ve added our standard options for crystalling your bikini below.  Crystal options can be selected via our website and once order placed, we’ll be in touch with you to discuss crystal colour(s) and crystal layout.

If you are wanting something a little different (i.e. adding lace embellishments along with your crystals or a  specific design in the layout of  crystals) then this is best discussed with us directly.  In which case place order for bikini and chose option “no crystals” and once order placed, email us to request a quote.

All4me bikinis are all individually hand-made just for you and as this is going to be a pretty special bikini, we prefer to first discuss with you to find out your vision and together we can create a beautiful sparkly bikini that will be just the way you want it.

Light coverage of crystals similar to the following would be an additional $250 (A, B, C Cups) & $450 (D & E Cups):

Medium Coverage similar to the following will be an additional  $450 (A, B, C Cups) & $650 (D & E Cups):

Heavy Coverage similar to the following will be an additional $850 (A, B, C Cups) & $1050 (D & E Cups)

Full Coverage similar to the following will be an additional $1250 (A, B, C Cups) & $1450 (D & E Cups)

Something a bit different (additional lace embellishments or special crystal designs) – POA



The addition of crystals to your onepiece is a great option – cost will depend upon crystal coverage.   If you are placing your order via our website you can do so and once order placed email/call me to discuss crystal coverage.  I can invoice you separately for the addition of crystals (or entire order can be placed directly with me).  Examples of crystalling options are (but not limited to) the following: