Bikini Pant Styles/Bum Coverage



Before selecting the pant style you want you need to take into account the Federation you are competing in.  Different Federations have different requirements and you need to make yourself aware of this (of course, if you need me to help – please either email or telephone):

  • IFBB prefer Euro cut with simple connectors (straight ones/not dangly or draped) whilst the Elite Pro IFBB prefer Euro cut with no connectors.
  • ICN, ANB, WFF, INBA & NABBA are open to all cuts – you just need to choose the best cut for your body.
  • WBFF are open to all cuts you just need to ensure cut will enhance your body however, they prefer more coverage on the bum (refer our Cheeky cut).

All of our bikini pant cuts adhere to Australian comp regulations/all Federations and all have our super sexy scrunch bum.  If you are not sure, just email me or give me a call and I’ll be able to assist you to help you choose the pant style that will be best for you and the Federation you are competing in.


(1) CHEEKY CUT (This cut has the most coverage)

(2) REGULAR CUT (aka Procut)

(3) EURO CUT (Briefest coverage and only can be used in conjunction with the Gigi, Crissi and Brooke pants above)

REGULAR (PRO CUT) pants sit on the hips (or a little above if you want).  They can be made with or without connectors and are acceptable in all Federations.