Bespoke WBFF Bikinis


All4me Couture Bikinis are not “off the rack” bikinis. Each one is custom made and handcrafted by me and my awesome team. Only the best quality fabric/crystals/laces etc are used so you can be sure that when you purchase All4me Stagewear you are getting the very best and you will definitely sparkle on stage come comp day! Also, we are in attendance at all WBFF Australia & NZ Shows so we will be there to assist you on the day.

Prices for these types of bikinis depends upon level of crystalling & design required however because I will be custom making your stagewear, I will work with you to create as much sparkle as I possibly can whilst staying within your budget. As a general guide though, most WBFF bikinis are priced between $1,000-1550+ (AUD) with the majority of bikinis being in the price bracket of $1,000-$1250.

When you place your order with me (which, for these types of bikinis is best done either in person or via email/telephone), we will first discuss what styles you like/what level of crystalling you are wanting and also what your budget is.

There are so many style options when creating your WBFF Stagewear that its always a great idea to gather your inspo so you can send it to me so we have a starting point. It doesn’t matter if pics you gather are my designs or not – your inspo will be used to put our own look together for you. Once I have an idea of design aspects you like, then we can get busy creating something that is uniquely your’s!